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About InnovativeKidzArt

What do you say/do when your child draws a drawing and shows it to you? You always tell them it's good, or make a comment like it's very colorful, or if it's all one color say "You must like and then whatever the color is."

It's important to foster creativity in children. You never know if someday, even as weird as their pictures are now, what they could become. Not to mention creative thinking can be applied in many productive ways as they grow up. Let your child know how much you love and appreciate their efforts. is an exciting new site for School children to showcase their drawings. Its a platform provided for parents to inspire children’s imaginations and creative thinking.

Add your kid's drawing on, so that everybody who visits the site will see it and appreciate it as well by providing their comments.


Now you can share your child’s drawings / art / creativity, just by uploading the stuff on Innovative Kidz Art. It's FREE!