Online Drawing Competition - March 2015

IMP NOTICE: Due to insufficient entries received and request from parents, entry date has been extended to 25th April 2015.
Competition rules have been revised (Vote for your favourite!), Please refer as below.

Participants Gallery

Winners Gallery

InnovativeKidzArt announces - Online Drawing Competition [only for Participants residing in India]

InnovativeKidzArt announces Drawing Competition to encourage young participants to be Creative through Drawing. All entries will feature in ‘Gallery’ section on the website along with ‘Winners gallery’ on home page for best competition entries.

Drawing Competition Theme - Gudi Padwa

Competition winners will receive prizes as below:

1st Prize (from each group) Cash Prize + Certificate
2nd Prize (from each group) Cash Prize + Certificate
3rd Prize (from each group) Cash Prize + Certificate
All Participants Digital Participation Certificates
* Prize or Prizes will depend upon the number of eligible Entries received. In case of insufficient entries for an age group, only one entrant from that age group will win!

Competition Rules
  1. Online drawing competition entries will be open for submission from 1st March 2015 to 25th April 2015
  2. Entry fee of Rs. 50 will be charged for each individual participant entry.
  3. The competition is open to participants divided into 4 age groups 3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-11 years and 12-15 years
  4. Drawings can be made in any medium, like Water Colors, Pastels, Pencils, Crayons, etc. on any type of Paper
  5. All entries are to be submitted as digital images (a scan or digital photo must be made of each artwork). Images must be submitted as JPEGs (saved at minimum compression and max. quality).
  6. Your child's/your full name & the Competition name should be the title of the photo/drawing you send. Example: purva-deshpande-onlinedraw-mar15.jpg
  7. Any participant wishing to enter his/her art must first be registered on-line by a parent, legal guardian, qualified teacher or, if aged 12 or more, by him/herself
  8. Only one entry per participant will be accepted
  9. All drawings submitted to InnovativeKidzArt must be the original idea and creation of the participant. Copying of any pre-existing image is not acceptable, whether visually or by tracing. Don't use any copyrighted work.
  10. All drawings submitted to the competition may be used for the benefit of InnovativeKidzArt in any way, with or without attribution. The copyright of all entries will rest with InnovativeKidzArt.
  11. InnovativeKidzArt may reject entries that it considers inappropriate for any reason.
  12. Award winners and schools will be informed individually by post/email.
  13. InnovativeKidzArt is not responsible if some works do not reach them, are not displayed on the website and other places and do not receive any award.
  14. Vote for your favourite! - Online voting system is added, wherein Prize Winner(s) will be determined by the combination of internal votes (i.e. by Judges) and public votes (i.e. by parents/relatives/friends/well-wishers).
    Once an entry is received, it will be uploaded to the Competition "Participants Gallery". Here option will be available to "click to vote" for your favourite entry in each age group.


We take no responsibility and assume no liability in case any participant is not selected and/or awarded the prizes, and mere participation will not entitle anyone to win prizes. Winner would be declared through fair competition and selection for participation is done only if the participants abide by the terms and conditions mentioned herein. Winners may be required to submit to a background check in order to accept Prizes. The decision of judges would be final and binding on all participation and no further correspondence would be entertained in this regard.